Come back,
I'm lost to everyone,
Even myself.

So many emotions
Crossing my mind,
Love and hate,
Hope and grace,
Fear and anguish,
Anger and happiness,
All are trapped inside

Hidden from the world,
Behind this cold facade
Tears slide down in the dark,
Tumbling without stop

Come back
Lead me out of this place
Please don't leave me for fate

Living in constant fear of
Rejection and failure,
of emotions gone astray,
Perfection is the standard
of my hate...

Lost and trembling
Unknown to many as a person
But known to many as my mother's daughter
Wishing for an idenity to call my own

Hoping and praying to find
The true me.
Wanting the world to at last see,
a girl of confidence and cheer
Instead of this huddled, little crouching child

This child with long, matted, tangled hair,
Dirty face, and loveless embrace,
This child of hope and fear
This child of blood and tear

An outcast of the world
Like a chipped pearl
Lost the beauty and grace
That is so prized within this uncaring world.

Come back
Release the little girl
And set her freeā€¦