How Will it Feel?
by: trista groulx

How will it feel?
When you realize
You're the reason I did this!
How do you think it will feel?
When you find out it's all because of you!
Yes you!
Because you wouldn't fight!
You wouldn't let me hold on!
You lied!
Thinking it would be better!
But it's not better!
It's worse
So much worse!
Worse then it's ever been!
How will it feel?
When you realize it!
You destroyed me!
Not because of your love!
Not because you took it away!
Because you made me feel
Feel them both at the same time!
You saw I couldn't deal with the feelings
So you gave me more to deal with!
Well, guess what?
I can't deal!
Not because of you!
Because it was taken away!
Not because you were all I had!
Because you were all I wanted!
I ignored everything else!
Dropped it all for you!
Cause you made it better!
But you took it away!
Now nothing make it better!
Cause you're the only one who knows
You're the only one who saw the demons!
You saw how they come at night!
To take me from my slumber!
You're the only one who saw them!
Then you ran away!
You couldn't deal with them!
How do you think I feel!?
I've seen them all my life!
How will if feel?
When you realize
That I let them take me away
Because you wouldn't helpslay them!
How will it feel?
When this strong girl is ruined
All because of you!
How does it feel!?
So, name>, how does it feel?
But I won't be there to hear an answer!
I'll be locked away!
Away in my own world!
Somewhere in my own head!
Where no one will ever enter again!
All because you wouldn't fight!
All because you saw the demons too!
And they scared you!
You didn't want to help slay them!
You didn't want to deal with them!
The way that I do!
Every single night!
Except when you were there!
And now they're back!
More then ever
They are back
And there's no one there to stop them now!
Tell me, name>, how does it feel!?
You let them take me!