Expressions of Wonderland

Sentiments expressed through the spilling of your temptation

as underneath the sheets we write our love songs

and even play them on the piano

so dear, what do you want to do today

when the world is drugged and half asleep

and the early morning rain is settling in


as if the sun needed a day off because its brightness was overwhelming

I'm glad it got the memo

because I'd rather live in the night with you

and your words

poet's words

hardly ever rhyme when they freestyle

and instead express the glare over the teacup

glimmering with satisfaction

while wearing last nights evening gown

jazz clubs expel the notes written on our hands

in school land fantasy

holding like the first time


but what is the duration of that particular smoky rouge on my cheek

as it hits your pillow

claiming its territory

I heard Tide could get it out

as the tide is coming in with the ocean

lets go

lets go

back to wonderland

and leave the umbrella

dance in the rain

lovers lullaby

I'll never say goodnight sweet

goodnight as we say goodbye

till the morning

oh the sweet sorrow

I can't bear to pick up my keys

and drive far away from you

the temptation supercedes the logic

of daily work and responsibility

lets go back to wonderland

and make wrinkled angels of silk