I woke up today

with the sun up my head

And yetI felt cold

like the cold winds of winter,

I shivered.

People looked at me

with stars in their eyes

And yet i stared back blank

like the blanket of night,

I sank.

No red rose was red.

No green grass was green.

No blue sky was blue.

It was all grey

Or perhaps black and white

It was just a plain sight.

Oranges always catches my eye


Not today.

I just let out a sigh.

Yellow always brightens me up


Not today.

It just suddenly stopped.

Pink and violet makes me feel good


Not today.

In my corner I just stood.




When you're not around

Silence is my sound.

Your voice,

Your touch

god, I miss it so much.

Just pale.

Just grey.

I am perfectly sad today.