I once wrote a bitter verse,
Half a rant and half a curse
Words aimed at an absent man;
The missing part of who I am.

I sifted through the 'hows' and 'whys'
Half truths stretched out into lies
I picked at that eternal weal;
A chasm that refused to heal

I searched the net and sought a name
Thinking that might ease the pain
A heartbeat hammered in my throat
When I left that single note.

Weeks and weeks I then endured
Thinking I had been ignored
But when at last an answer came
it wasn't 'he' who made the claim

Shock errupted, panic broke
Was it a lie, or worse, a joke?
A photo's likeness - I had to stop
To think 'is this a photoshop?'

The swabs were done, the tests were sent;
'A chance of 99%...'
And so at last I found the truth
Was not the 'rock star' of my youth.

Instead it was a man who cared
And it was more than blood we shared
Our theolgy and love of books
Were rooted deeper than our looks.

The weal closed, the chasm sealed
The missing part at last was healed
It put a lid on all the years
Where I was lost in bitter tears.

Still the story isn't done;
There are all the years to come
The truth is out and I am glad
To finally say;

"I love you dad".