You have to see this
Something indescribable
Walks across my mind
And leaves a jackbooted shadow

Fragmentary but still alive
I am holding onto memories
Of things that may or may not have happened
I can see every colour
Of the rainbow
And they all look grey

Are never worth the risk
There is too much to remember,
Too much risk of atrophy
I cannot take the risk
Until I am a little bit stronger

Did you tell me that you wanted to?
I seem to remember how we made love
Behind the bins
At the back of BHS
At half past eight
On a Saturday night
Do you remember, or do I not exist anymore?

Something else, from another fever dream
Which may have happened
In this ether:
A day spent in bed
Looking at the wall
Not feeling ill at all
Just needing to be still

What happens to a mind
When it is lost?
Does it ever revisit the place whence it came?
I see myself once in a while
And I try to recollect the truth among what happens
Inside this hollow skull
But I cannot understand
The difference between blurred truth
And such vivid fantasy