By Leoanda Taylor

Sneering, I tried to break the dreaded collar that was wrapped around my neck. Its onyx-black metal, cold with a slight touch of heat that came from my own body heat. There are different levels of collars depending on the behaviour of the slave.

We slaves have no freedom, no rights and are told what to do, and to do it unless painful punishment follows. The punishment is usually set in the colour of the collar.

The safest colour collar is a ring of copper. Copper is the easiest to break and with enough power can be bent to help a slave try to escape. I tried it when I first had the collar – I was caught and upgraded to the next.

The next collar is a ring of silver. Silver shows a slave master that the copper didn't hold much tolerance for that slave, and that the slave is a little harder to control. For myself, they had no idea.

The next collar is for a slightly more aggressive slave. A thick ring of gold. The gold collar shows a slave master that the slave is difficult to control, but can be controlled by the collars power. I on the other hand have managed to break several of these before the next collar was introduced.

The collar - that was invented especially for myself - is a crystal collar. The crystal collar restricts and reduces the slave's strength in half so that the slave will supposedly no longer put up as big a fight. But that was supposedly, along with a few others, I managed to break the collar and another was introduced.

This collar is a pure white collar. The white stands out dramatically against the dark clothing that the slave master makes us wear. The few of us that had these managed to once again break them. The white collars had the same affect as the crystal, except a little extra punishment came along with it. The white collar would restrict our area of mobility, not letting us go out of a certain area without the slave masters approval.

Then there is the last collar to be recently created. The onyx-black collar. This collar was called for when my best friend and I had decided to throw the remains of our old collars in the slave masters face. A bad idea to say the least. This new collar could take control of our whole form and control our body, with our minds still watching, and fighting the collars power. I have yet to break this new collar, but then again, I haven't really had a chance to. The collar only works when we have missions and orders or are around the Slave Master. He must've been really ticked off with us. The punishment for this collar is an electrical bolt flowing throughout the whole body, while we have to stand still and let it happen. Kind of sucks really. This collar takes control over the whole body, and it feels claustrophobic. It really is an awful feeling, to be trapped inside your own body.... no mover ability at all. I hate it. But I hate him even more.