Chapter 2

By Leoanda Taylor

My sight slowly started to come into focus, as the darkness around my eyes began to clear. Though not to much, as the room I was in seemed to be quite dark itself.

Sitting up, my eyes quickly drew over the whole room as I realised that I was infact, sitting in a large, plush bed. I couldn't remember much. There was a man of some sort... In black? I could'nt remember his face. Or his name.

I glanced around the room again, looking for a clue of some sort. I looked down at the bed, and the cover over me, suddenly realising that a huge black cloak was what was covering me. Who's was it?

Edfajio... Oh, yes. Now I remember. Him. Edfajio. What a weird name.

"Ahhhhhh, so you are awake. Good."

Shooting my head around, my eyes turned in a glare, sharpening my gaze at the huge figure that the cloak belonged to. He was now laughing at my expression, and I started to wonder why he was here, and what was I doing here? My memories were starting to come back, but all I could remember at the moment was standing in front of the breakfast-bar serving - unwantingly - the higher guards, and then..... nothing.

"Whats so funny? I don't know anything to laugh about."

Oh, no! I'm not wearing a collar! When did this happen? Why? It was a Gold one? Crystal? White? Black? Why was it removed? Oh! I hope I didn't so something stupid. Again. Not after that last threa-


He was laughing again, and it was really starting to annoy me now. "Well, not only do you have spirited friends, but a spirit yourself. Excellent. Your death will be most interesting to watch."

"My... What?"

"Death. You can't rely on anyone these days. Always have to do everything yourself." He started laughing again, but this time made a guesture with his hand, sending four of his guards to cuff me and drag me from the bed.

"Let me go!"

Useless. I knew it would be, but no shame in trying. Now what.

They were dragging me down a dark and rather dusty hall, although there ware certaing streamlines of cleanliness. Our little trip out of the hall and down a row of stairs didn't seem to last very long, as we came to yet another door, and another set of stairs. Making our way - their way, I was still being dragged afterall - through the main doors and out into the daylight, my eyes didn't really have to ajust to anything as the sky seemed to always stand still in the dead of night.

Turning to the left, I was pulled over to a wooden pandermonium, where other people before me were hanged - and some where still there as a sick reminder to all who trued to fight back or escape. None ever had though. But I know someone who will. No matter what, they will escape.

After being pushed up the wooden steps and pushed onto the dirty floorboards, I looked over at the newly gathered crowd of collared people - all stotic and cold looking, not even the eyes conveyed any emotion, though I know that some, given the chance, would. My eyes roamed, and quickly moved from one face to the next, untill my eyes landed and locked with a single pair of bright amber eyes.

I know they recognised me, and they didn't have to show it for me to know. The eyes being bright was enough. Yes! Still fighting! My death will not be in vane, I just know it!

"Listen all! One of you has defyed me, and as such a crime is unexceptable" - crime? Your kidding me right, Edfajio? - "And as punishment, this boy will die, and none will turn away." His voice was to the collars, not the people wearing them.

My eyes locked again with amber, fear striking us both. Gulping I was pushed towards the noose. Please let the rope snap my neck. Or better yet, please let the rope snap before my neck connects!

"Others will defy you, Edfajio. And my death is only the first on this road to destroying, and ridding the world of collars once and for all." I yelled out over the crowed, before having the rope put around my neck. Taking one last breath, I readied myself for my own doom, and yet my own freedom. Yes, freedom. That is what this is.

"Goodbye, Edfajio. Crysa."


The rope now help a limp and much dead body.

"Goodbye, Mioki." A whisper slipped past lips of a black collared slave, whose tears had once again slipped through the collars defenses.

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