"Control" By Cassandra Freiborg 3/9/05

I walked home in the rain today ,

not knowing how things would work out,

but I refuse to talk to you,

I swear it without a doubt.

There are several reasons,

I don't want to look into your eyes,

mostly because I know

they are so full of lies.

I gave you my heart,

you threw it on the ground,

its been four years now,

since I have been unbound.

Now I'm free again,

I don't need you by my side,

and whatever wounds I may have gotten,

will all heal in time.

You threw away our friendship,

for a guy you had just met,

and because I actually cared,

I refused to give up yet.

But I could not hope to save you,

from your own destructive self,

you ignored every warning I gave,

wouldn't let me help.

So when this all comes crashing down,

don't ask me to be there,

you brought it upon yourself,

don't expect me to care.

Sooner or later I hope you'll see,

what you've done to your friends,

maybe they'll forgive you,

but my will shall not bend.

I was ok with you being bisexual,

I don't honestly care,

but when you called me jealous,

it was much more than I could bear.

You said you couldn't live without,

my friendship in your heart,

so how did you sever me,

so now I'm not a part?

Like I said I just don't care,

it was a thought that crossed my mind,

it pissed me off to know,

that I ever tried to be kind.

So slam me up against a locker,

use your words to wound he soul,

but don't expect to be there,

when you loose control.