"Normal" By Cassandra Freiborg 3/09/05

You've seen the look in my eyes,

when I can't see anything,

and you've see my soul lurking there,

knowing I've let go of everything.

And there's not much you can do,

but stare at me sadly,

knowing that I slipped away,

ever so painfully...gradually.

You whispered topics in my ear,

trying to spark some life,

even though my thoughts and words,

have been bound so tight.

We retreat within ourselves,

when we are forced to let something go,

our eyes become duller shades,

our thoughs as cold as snow.

I didn't know it then,

and I hardly believe it now,

when did you become my priority,

and most importantly, how?

Because I met you by change,

one coincidental meetings,

times that are so very breaf,

yet the feelings are never fleeting.

You taught me about life,

how to be a better friend,

so I'm wondering how,

I closed up in the end.

You were no open book though,

more closed up than myself,

I was the giggly girl,

and you leant me your silence, your help.

It must not have been easy,

makes me wonder why you tried,

to even try to teach me,

to let the world go by.

It was strange crossing from the world,

of the active to the distant,

althouhg it strangle happened,

all within an instant.

I lost all the worries,

that held me from within,

and began floating on the outside,

never crossing the barrier, so thin.

I guess the term is distant,

a stereotypical phrase,

that leaves you in a catergory,

and your mind in a haze.

You taught me to be individual,

to be alone in who I was,

that this would make me interesting,

someone to talk to just because.

So I guess without the stereotypes,

I'm just a "normal teen",

but I don't quite understand,

what that really means.

Does a normal teen cut themselves,

just to feel some pain,

or does a normal teen drink,

to escape the world thats lame.

Is a normal teen a goth,

or is a normal teen a prep,

or do we all need to have a better look,

take it back a step.

Because everything gets blurry,

when you don't know what to say,

frankly I'd rather stay home,

and sleep the day away.

But maybe this was all a dream,

and I'll gladly wake up soon,

or maybe this is leading me,

to my unfortunate doom.