Author's Note: This is just a random entry I took out of my writer's notebook (oh, the horrors of the dreaded writer's notebook gasps from the crowd) that I decided to make into a fiction. Please read!


there she goes,

aspring in her step,

aspark in her eye,

asmile adorning her face.

you hate her for that.

you shoot her dirty looks in math class,

laugh behind her back at lunch,

spread rumors that nobody believes,

when you think she's not looking.

why? you ask.

why does she have such a perfect life?

apretty face,

an intelligent mind,

ashining personality?

while you have nothing,

nothing except darkness and misery?

you live on these thoughts,

breathe in these words,

grab these ideas.

you believe this with all your heart,

and you hate her for it.

you hate yourself for it.

but she looks at you,

gazes at you with her perfect green eyes,

and she thinks,


why does she have such a perfect life?

aloving family,

aloyal group of friends,

an inviting household to come home to every day?

while I have nothing,

nothing except fake friends and the shadows

of a broken family?

for I have seen her alone,

when she thinks no one is around,

no one to see the tears that stream down,

bitter tears of regret and remorse,

when she thinks of you,

and your perfect life.


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