Ocean's Gift

All problems pushed aside
Absorbs all the tears I've cried
In the waters vast glory
I find the beginning of my story
And it all begins to make sense
And I push aside my pretense
There in the water is where I see
The real and true me.

Not tainted by the pressure
Not a fake caffeine refresher
Not the girl I should be
It's just me and the sea.

With each stroke I take
Drives more and more of the fake
Smiles, Laughs, Tears,
It is there that I see my true fears:
Being waken from my peace
Forced to leave my one release
For reality's responsibility
And the worlds hostility.

So I go deeper into its abyss
Coming closer and closer to my bliss
Running from the problems of the earth
And into my own rebirth

Lungs stop
Ears pop
Body freeze
Head squeeze

Need one last breath
Or my escape will be my death
So I begin to rise
See the skies
Ready to face it all
No challenge to tall
Because I had my daily dose
Of what I need to most
Time to be alone and think
Even though its gone in a blink.