Chapter Deux: A Hunk of Burning Priesthood

It had been two weeks. Two weeks since my revelation with the pizza boy, Amir. I was going to take a year off to figure things out. In Europe.

I mean why shouldn't I? Lana did when she needed a break from Clark, didn't she? She left and went to freaking Paris and came back with a scrawny (but certainly not lacking in the six pack area) hunk of blond haired LexCorp worker/football coach. I mean it could happen. Sure I am not a babelicious Asian like Lana who has won the affections of all the boys in Smallville (and apparently now abroad) but I think I do have a few redeeming qualities. For instance, I am not the descendent of an 18th century practicing witch who wants to live in me though a tattoo on my lower back (trashy, much? I mean who even gets those anymore? They are so 1999!) and kill my boyfriends mother, a descendent of the queen who had me burned at the stake. Also I do have a capable head on my shoulders. I would never, for instance, be surprised that I was Chinese if my last name was freaking Lang. Even if I did have a totally white first name like Lana.

Wait, I didn't mean that. That came out more racist than intended. I mean a Caucasian name.

Anyway, I'm getting off track, my point is, once again, Lana, who did not even know she was Chinese until like three episodes ago did just fine in Europe. Why shouldn't I?

Oh, my family chimed in with a few good reasons. I was too young, I didn't have enough money and some other ramblings about college. Even my brother, a year my junior, knew the reasoning behind my "insaintity." He pulled me aside after he got home from band practice and said, "Just because it was on freaking Smallville doesn't mean you have to do it. Don't you want to go to State?"

When I tried to look at him pityingly as if he couldn't possibly understand what I was going through he replied.

"Don't try to deny it Beck, the TV was on ABCFAMILY when I got home from the game, the night of the Season 3 marathon. And, you know, it might be time to think about a more grown up channel. You're freaking eighteen years old for Christ's Sake! Just because ABCFAMILY is the only channel that has those stupid feel good dramas you like so much like Gilmore Girls and freaking Seventh Heaven or whatever the hell you watch."

When I opened my mouth to protest about the accusation of my liking Seventh Heaven he just continued.

"Oh, don't even try to deny it, Becky, I saw you getting all teary eyed over freaking Reverend Camden yesterday. I mean, you like what you like, I'm not one to stop you but I cannot ever turn the TV on without first having to see a family of Prodestant that are either very on valium or very, very excitable."

Damn, he knows me too well. But really, I only watch Seventh Heaven because it is so goddamn funny, not because I think it has such fabulous acting or anything, But Gilmore Girls and Smallville are the best shows on television, hands down. Can I help it if I need my daily fix of the Lorelais or that the sight Clark's bod is the only thing that gets me through the rough times?

But of course I didn't say that. My witty remark was, "Oh, Billy, don't even pretend that you despise ABCFAMILY with every fiber of your being. On more than one occasion you have joined me, your dear older sister, on the couch to watch the trials of Clark. Sure you mocked how there is never a follow-up on any big confessions and how it was totally rascist to ship Pete, the token black guy to Wicataw. But deep in your heart you know you love that show. And don't even try to come up for an excuse for how you cried when Dean broke up with Rory in the third season. I don't even know why, Jess was so much cooler, Dean was a damn pansy!"

"Dean was not a pansy! He loved Rory!" Billy exclaimed and stomped up to his room.

And that was the last I heard from Billy about my year in Europe. I think his band wrote a song about it, called something like "A Smallville Inspired Semester Abroad." Which, you know, sounds a bit like a rip-off of that Brand New song, "Jude Law and a Semester Abroad" but whatever.

But I have my trip all sorted out. I have quite a bit of money in a savings account from back when my parents still had me tricked into thinking they weren't going to buy me a car for my sweet sixteen. So after all those part time jobs when I had enough money to pay for a freaking Mustang my parents were all, "Happy Birthday Sweetie!" with a freaking Range Rover. To which I can only say, thanks, thanks a whole lot, I worked my ass off for three years to buy myself a car for you to just go, "Just Kidding!" But anyway that leaves me with quite a few thousand dollars in my savings account. Definitely enough to pay for a year in London.

My parents aren't exactly thrilled about this "nonsense" of me traipsing around London with "no real plan." But really, what can they do? I'm eighteen, a legal adult!

Of course my friends think this is all about Jason. As if! This has absolutely nothing to do with Jason! I just need a semester or two to sort things out. I want to go to college with a plan.

"But Becks, what about the Pi Deltas? I thought we were going to be sorority sisters!" Ames has said looking worried.

But, you know, is that what I really want to do? Be in a big house full of former cheerleaders talking about their glory days in high school? Throwing beer blasts for frat boys who are a bunch of ex-football players. I don't know anymore. But I want to do something real, something meaningful!

But guess what? I scared. Like out of my mind crazed scared. I've never even taken the bus by myself before! How am I going to make it in a country where I don't even know anyone? What if get lost in a city where nobody speaks English? Or what if I contract the ecoli virus? Or what if I get caught smuggling drugs over the border and get locked up in a forgien prison like those teenage girls did on 60 Minutes on there spring break in Cancun? And oh, god! There were rats! I hate rats!

Wait…deep breath…logically, I would never smuggle drugs over the border and even if I did London's system of government is not all that different from America's so I doubt they would just chuck me in prison with the rats. And though the accent may get confusing England is not exactly a forgien speaking land so it is highly unlikely that I will get lost in a non-English speaking city. As for the ecoli virius…what is that anyways? Can't you only get it if you drink the water in Mexico? Oh, well. I doubt I'll contract that….

Oh god! What am I doing? I'm going to die! People deal with exes all the time, why do I have to run away to Europe?

There was a poke on my left arm. Could it possibly be my conscience back with malicious intent?

Oh, no, It's just Claire, the skank that stole Jason. Yeah, it turns out my suspisions weren't all that unfounded. They have been seen making out all over the school. Apparently their locker mates, he moved his books into her locker and she moved some birth control into his.

To which I can only say, tacky, much?

"What?" I hissed. The two off us weren't exactly on speaking terms. What the hell was she doing poking me with that feathery pom pom pen of hers? And what's up with that anyways? What is she, five?

Well five with DD boobs.

"Becks, sweetie." She said with those bedroom eyes of hers looking at me with disdain. "Jac tells me the two of you never, well, never, had sex. But that can't be true, I'm sure he was just trying to spare my feelings. But really, like I care what her did with you. You are so history. But did you ever?"

I blinked. "What? Why are you asking me this?"

She smirked, "Well, you know, Jac and I have, quite a few times and…well, not to be indelicate, but I'm on the Pill. But I don't want to anything nasty either. Condoms are so tacky so I don't want to use them unless absolutely necessary. Jac certainly isn't the type to have an STD but I just wanted to make sure he hadn't been anywhere nasty. So has he been with you?" She swished her long black hair and stared at me. "Well, it's not a hard question, Rebecca."

"No." I replied.

"No?" She stifled a giggle. "Well, lookee here, we got ourselves a virgie! No wonder Jac started sleeping with me right away, well he was still going out with you! He wasn't getting none from his girlfriend of what was it…three years?"

Her words stung. Why did skanks like her feel superiror to regular people? And why did she have to tell me that she had been sleeping with Jason while we were still dating? Sure I had suspected but really I didn't want to know.

I was just about to tell her off good when I heard a deep Irish accented voice say, "Rebecca, love, could I see you at my desk?"

"Yeah, sure Fr. O'Connor." I said reluctantly following him to his office.

He sat down behind his desk in a worn leather swivel chair and gestured for me to sit.

I said feeling nerveous, there was no denying it, aside from being my favorite teacher Fr. O'Connor was quite a hottie. A hunk of burning priesthood, I had jokingly told the squad. It was that damn Irish sex appeal, he looked like freaking Colin Ferral! I swear to God, just get rid of the cigarettes and add a white collar and you've got Fr. O'Connor. Yeah, and I know it's totally wrong to get turned on by a priest but honestly! The man was sex-aaay! There was no denying it.

"Now, Becky, I pulled you away from Claire because I feared you might say somethings you would regret later." Fr. O'Connor said seriously.

"You mean when I'm burning in the eternal hellfire for calling her a skank?" I grinned.

"Becky," He said in a scolding tone. "You know how I feel about that word." He lowered his voice, "However, I think in this particular case you may be justified, under the…" He cleared his throat, "circumstances."

"Circumstances? How do you know about the circumstances?" I asked.

"My dear child, it is all over the school!" He exclaimed. "And really my sympathies about Jason. I thought the two of you would be getting married after graduation."

"Join the club." I mumbled. "But wait, Father, I thought you didn't approve of gossip? Didn't you say that it was like the eighth deadly sin or something?" I said, surprised. Fr. O'Connor had always acted like if you gossiped you had a one way ticket to hell.

He blushed, "Well, one can't help what one overhears, can he?"

I gasped, "Fr. O'Connor! You were gossiping right along with the rest of them in the teacher's lounge! Don't try to deny I, you've got guilty written all over your face! So what? You were just stirring your instant coffe and said, 'Oh, did you hear about Becky and Jason?'"

He shifted nerveously, "Yes, I suppose, but, love, we were all on your side! Doesn't that count for anything?"

I shook my head, "All those lectures…"

"Alright Becky! I felt so guilty I said like a thousand Hail Marys afterward!" He said indignantly.

I shook my head in mock disgust, "You think that's enough? That god will be all, 'Yeah, okay, he talked about his students but he said a few Hail Marys so he's off, free and clear. No hell for that one."

"Our God is an all forgiving one." He said with a grin and a wink. "But Becky, what's up with State? Are you really not going next year?"

"Um, yeah. I'm kind of taking a year off to figure things out. With the breakup and all…I feel like my whole life revolves around that thing I had going, you know with Jason and cheerleading and all. And the plan was to go to State and be in a sorority with Court and Ames and the rest of the squad. But I'm like, is that what I really what I want to do? Throw beer blasts for horny, overprivelaged frat boys. One of whom will turn into a lawyer and I will marry and we'll have 2.5 kids and a dog and I'll turn into a rich soccer mom who drives a freaking Cadalliac SUV. And I'll spend all my days at the club playing tennis and eating lunch with the 'ladies.' Then my husband will have an affair with his twenty year old secretary named Trixie but I won't leave him because he'll send me diamond earrings. And I'm like, that's stupid! I don't want to live like that! I wasted my life in high school, I don't want to waste the rest of my life." I took a deep breath, my voice was wobbly and I had the awful feeling I was going to start crying.

"Yes, love, that all sounds very logical." He said with an understanding smile.

I shook my head, "No it doesn't. It sounds crazy! I'm crazy! That's what everyone thinks! Why shouldn't I want to live in a big mansion in suburbia and send my kids to private school and be a member of the country club?"

"You're not crazy, Becky. You've just explained to me why that's not what you want to do. I have an idea for you." He grinned and handed me a pamphlet.

"Wha—oh…" I looked at the glossy cover.

"Thinking about a vocation?" It asked.

"It's a very rewarding profession." Fr. O'Connor said eagerly.

Oh, god, I think I'm getting a migraine.

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