Ok, this ain't my usual style, I've sorta mapped out a vid for this one
in my head so I've put it in. The bits in *'s are the stage directions,
the hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil bits are sung and the rest
is spoken by a rap artist. I'll post it just as a song as well.

*A house. A boy runs in. Runs upstairs, shuts his door. Switches his stereo
on max volumeand curls up on his bed. The rapper is sitting beside him. *

See no evil
Run upstairs
Lock your door, hide you face
Pretend you don't care
Hear no evil
Cover up your ears
Music's loud, focus on it
Ignore the sounds you hear.
Speak no evil
Don't you dare say a word
Don't you dare tell a soul
What you saw and heard

But you saw evil
*Boy* What he did was wrong
But you heard evil
*Boy* It went on so long
But you spoke evil
*Boy* Had to tell someone

*Instrumental, rapper walks out the room and into another bedroom
a woman is putting makeup on over bruises. Her movements are slow
and pained*

See no evil
Hide all that you recieve
Cover bruises and scars with
Makeup and long sleeves
Hear no evil
Don't listen when they say
"What he's doin's wrong"
It's your fault. He's sick but
He loves you
He'll be better one day.
Speak no evil
When they ask, deny
Walked into a door
Don't let them see you cry

But you saw evil
*woman* What he did was wrong
But you heard evil
*woman* It went on so long
But you felt evil
*woman* Had to tell someone.

*instrumental, rapper walks out of her room and goes downstairs, into
a lounge where a man is sitting. He's got the telly on and he's drinking
beer. *

See no evil
It's for her own good
She did it wrong, you had to punish her
She understood
Hear no evil
Ignore her cries of pain
She knows what she done, she knows
She should be ashamed
Speak no evil
Bruises scars and weals
So she don't repeat her mistakes
It's done from love
Time will heal.

But you saw evil
*Rapper* What you did was wrong
But you heard evil
*Rapper* It went on so long
But you spoke evil
*Rapper* They had to tell someone

*Instrumental, rapper walks out the house into neighbour's. There's a couple
sitting there in armchairs*

Hear no evil
He's such a nice man
The quiet type, beat his wife?
Don't think he can.
Hear no evil
No I'm sure you're wrong dear
That's just a simple argument
That you can hear.
Speak no evil
We shouldn't interfere
And anyway I'm sure
It's nothing.

But you saw evil
*rapper* What he's doin's wrong
But you heard evil
*rapper* It's gone on so long
But you spoke evil
*rapper* Why don't you tell someone?

*instrumental. the rapper's sitting in court. The man is in the dock
His wife and son are sitting in the benches looking terrified.*

See no evil
*judge* Not guilty
Hear no evil
*judge* Not guilty
Speak no evil
*judge* Not guilty
Free to go.

*The rapper is back in the son's room. The boy is crying*

They didn't see no evil
It didn't work
They couldn't hear no evil
He came back and was worse
They wouldn't speak no evil
Here comes the hearse.

*rapper walks out onto the landing and looks down the stairs. The wife's
body is lying at the bottom, there's a coroner examining the body*

See no evil
She slipped and broke her neck
Ev'dence of reg'lar bruisin
must've been clumsy
Her bodies a wreck
Hear no evil
Her recorded tapes. He's not
Violent she must've been mad
He's not the type that rapes
Speak no evil
Death by misadventure
You're getting married again?
Well good luck to you sir.

*rapper walks back into son's room. the boy's wrists are slit and there's a
note beside him. The police are looking at the body.*

See no evil
Don't read the note
Hear no evil
That his dead son wrote
Speak no evil
Don't you ever quote
*boy* He was evil
He killed her.

*rapper walks downstairs. The man is sitting in his lounge with the police and the
coroner, they are all drinking tea*

See no evil
Ignore the proof
Hear no evil
Don't listen to the truth
Speak no evil
Don't ever tell
Be not evil
*to man* You belong in Hell!

*behind the people in the lounge a line of body bags are being carried out.
It seems to go on forever.*

See no evil
Why don't you question why
Hear no evil
All of his wives die
Speak no evil
His son committed suicide
Be not evil
*to man* You belong in Hell!
Ignore not evil
*to police and coroner* You belong in Hell!