Inappropriate Desires:

Part 1: Finding the Way Out


Chapter 1: Introduction to Me

.:Kevin Carton:.

I really don't know what I'm doing. All I've been told is to introduce myself to some weirdly-named, anonymous author called SugarPee.


Normally, I don't do this, but on behalf of my begging parents, I'll do it.

I'm Kevin Carton and I- uhh… Why do most of you guys look as if you know me?

-whispers mostly to self- You're freaking me out.

… Ahem… Sorry… I'm Kevin Carton and …uh… I'm 17.

I like books, computers and generally, rock music? I have this funky collection of CDs, ranging from Kylie Minogue to Cradle of Filth. These CDs are blood-suckers to money-lovers and the Holy Grail to an artist's ear. To me, they're both. Last time I checked, I had a bit over 50 CDs.

Woah… I do?

Honestly, I look like an OD'ed kid, just out of rehab. I am so freaking skinny, when I take off my shirt to take a shower, I usually distract myself by counting my ribs and accordingly and completely forget why I was in the bathroom in the first place.

I suppose that statement undoubtly shows you my lack of fat cells under my skin, along with my diminishing amount of memory cells in my brain.


I don't see anything wrong about eating only 2 meals a day. I'm not anorexic, but I just don't like eating.

-:But I do…:-



Oh well… I must be hearing things…

Where was I?

Oh yeah… the memory cells.

I'm not stupid.

NO!!! I'M NOT!!!

And I have a hell lot of mood swings I have to go through, daily. Such as, my inner bitch, my shy teacher's pet, my geeky computer-loving nerd, my goth wannabe, the rare depressed artist and cutter, and the occasional volleyball-jock.

-:Hey… appearance too.:-

Ok… ok… wait… you can talk to me?

-:Yeah. Duh. If not, you wouldn't be hearing me here. Appearance please.:-

Ok. Ok. I seem to have inherited my mom and dad's dull brown color, even though both of them looked hot during their teenaged times. I saw this in the family albums, which consists of only 3 pictures. My mom and dad at the tender age of 19 and 21. A picture of my parents, R and R, Mike and Xra, my dad's friends, in high school. And a picture of me as an infant. I've never seen my grandparents and my mom and dad chose not to talk about it.

Anyway, back to the boring brown color.

My parents still look good in brown, while I look really out of place. I can't believe why my parents look so good, while their child looked like a druggie. Did I mention that I have a younger sister, Liana, a freshman? She's one of those pretty tomboys who love sports and stuff, but she's still pretty, while I'm not.

Amazingly, we both look like both Mom and Dad, maybe because they look alike. Some people actually think that they're brother and sister, but I always laugh it off. My parents ain't incestuous.

-:Foreshadowing in process…:-


-:Never mind…:-

Who are you anyway?

-:…--"… SugarPee…:-

The author or writer for this story?


What's your relationship with Mom and Dad? How did you know them?

-:I wrote about them, but you shouldn't read it, yet.:-

Ok… When can I?

-:Ask them, not me.:-

Okayy… What about me? Why do I have to describe myself to you?

-:Because I want to write about you…duh.:-

Do you have to write about me?

-:Because I want to!:-

Ok. Ok. Chill. But this is still considered as an invasion of privacy.

-:Yeah… yeah… So, do you agree to be written about for the next…. I don't know… year? 20 chapters?:-

Yes. I think…

-:GOOD!!! This means your future is in my hands.:-

Why does this sound so… creepy?