She was lyingin bed

Lights out

Cuddled under the blanket

Of her comfort

Her head rests

Upon the clouds

Sleeping with the stars

With the moon peeking through

Behind the distance

It was the end

Of her tiring day


Broken by a sudden


She felt it

So hard


She heard it

So loud

Like a hard and loud

Knocking a the door



Is trying to break free


The beating of her heart


It hurts

So hard to breathe

She can feel life fading

Leaving her

Death is trying to break free

She lay awake


Just breathing

Probably the last

A tear and two

Started to fall


Came creeping in

As her heart slows down

While she was waiting

Waiting for its complete stop

Memories flashed

A thought of him came

Like a film

Like a song



She was

She could not

But cry

So afraid

To close her eyes

For the night is still long

And morning is her hope

She could not

But whisper

His name in soft whimper

It would be her last word

Like a last drink

Enough to moisten her

Only her dried lips

And then she died

Death just took her life.