Chapter 23: Closure

Five months had passed since Kara returned at Chuck's mansion, and back into her loving brother's arms. Kara now felt so much more in love with Ray than she had ever felt before.

Kara was now 13 ½ years old, and home-schooled by Shawn, who not only was pregnant, but had become a teacher!

After Shawn and Agate's honeymoon, Shawn saw all these beautiful babies on their vacation, and talked it over with her partner. To Shawn (and Agate), the word partner was so great! They were official, and forever. Just like they always wanted. Oh by the way, the father of their child was none other than Dain himself!

"That's about it for science, today Kara." Shawn said, slowly getting up from where she had been sitting. She let out an "oomph" and said "He's getting bigger by the minute!"

Kara laughed. "Can I feel him?" She asked.

"Sure." Shawn smiled, and turned her large stomach towards Kara, who eagerly put her hand there.

"Oh my God! I can feel him moving!" Kara said excitedly.

"I can too- you should feel him at night!" Shawn smiled "I think someone's here to pick you up from school!"

"Ray?" Kara turned, and saw her brother, along with the newest members of the household- Ashly and Jenni. Both were also home-schooled by Shawn.

"We're here." They smiled at their pregnant teacher.

"Good, I'm just cleaning up- come on in! Kara, I'll see you at dinner!" Shawn smiled, and moved some papers into a green folder labeled KARA SCIENCE.

Kara hugged her brother and kissed him. She loved to be in his arms- it felt so right. Whenever they kissed or hugged, she never wanted to let go.

"Ray?" Kara asked, walking with him down the hall toward their room.

"Yes, love?"

"When is Chuck shooting the movie?" Kara giggled.

"I don't know. Soon, he said."

"Did we find a replacement for Shawn?"

"Yeah- the newest tenants- Ashly and Jenni."

"Are they sure about it?" Kara wondered.

"Yeah," Ray sighed "They're sure. In fact, Chuck wondered if you could get changed, and get your hair bleached so you could come down and film tonight…."

"No fucking way!" Kara gasped, pretending she was a prep. "Like, Oh My God!"

Ray laughed. "Go on, Vivacia- show 'em what you got!"

Kara laughed, ran into the bathroom, threw the bleaching solution together, and put it on her hair. Then she dried it with a hair dryer, and rinsed the extra chemical out. Then she ran into their room, dressed in her leather suit, grabbed her pink whip, and ran downstairs.

Chuck was busy shooting outside, in their back yard. It was the dungeon scene, where Lukas and Polly (Dain and Agate) find Kara and Ray busy at work with each other. Chuck had drained the pool and painted it black for the dungeon effect. Right after doing this, Kara suggested they use the basement and Chuck wanted to kick himself in the face!

"I'm here!" Kara yelled, excitedly and ran into the "shallow end" of the pool, down into the deep end, where the scene took place. Chuck had made it look really cool by adding chains to the wall, and Medieval torture devices along the sides.

"Good, you're just in time!" Chuck smiled. "Nice hair!" He commented.

Kara beamed, liking it herself. "Thanks!"

"Places, everyone! Places!" Chuck called, as everyone rushed onto the set.

Once everyone was ready, Chuck grabbed the clapper and set it in front of the camera.

"And," Chuck paused, looking at the excited, horny, faces. They really were a family! "Action!"

Chuck pulled the clapper away, and the scene began!