Finding Me
by: trista groulx

I know I changed, a lot
Not that crazy girl who shocked you once
Saw what I wanted and just did what it took
I know all that changed
Because there's something in me I can't control
I've tried
Oh! How I did try!
I don't know what else to do
I know I changed more then you wanted
No longer the independent girl you once knew
And I want so much to be her again
For me, for you, for my sanity
But nothing is working to bring her back
Can you see how much I'm trying?
Though you can't see how much I'm crying
If I can fight all this for you?
Can you fight your fears for me?
I'll give you some time
All the time I can handle, how selfish
I know I changed, a lot
But I am working at finding me again
Or maybe a similar variation
Please see how much I'm trying for you
Show me it was not all in vain