Song for the Rebel

This is a song for the rebel

The one who fights against the everyday

We don't think he's on the level

If he fights instead of melting away

This is a song for the outsider

Who'd rather be herself than fit in

We believe she's got no sense inside her

If she doesn't keep her real self within

Makes me want to cry

Makes me want to say


Unlock the doors

Pull down the walls

Dare to be, who you're born to be

Rich or poor

Short or tall

And always remember

If you're not yourself

You're really

Nobody at all

This is a song for the individual

The ones who stand out in the light

They are the snapshots in color

While the rest of us remain black and white

This is a song for the lonely

They'd actually rather be that way

Than conform to what's only seen as normal

Because the rest of us think it's okay

Makes me want to cry

Why must things be this way?