Trading One Sight For Another

She turned blind at age 13

The very age when you make up your mind who you're gonna be

She'd always dreamed of being a doctor

But you can't save lives if you can't see

That was also the year she gave her heart to Jesus

Somehow she knew that it must be done

Her parents didn't understand her

They thought it wouldn't last a month


Some say that on that day

She traded one sight for another

She'll see her Saviour in heaven

But until then never again

Why we're here God only knows

It's not ours to say

Only to follow

In His way

She got used to walking with a cane

And as she did, her faith increased

She put aside her medical dreams

But her love for God never ceased

Other kids asked her how she did it

She smiled and said "I'm not alone."

And though they never really got it

She prayed they would find their way home


Then one day in her school cafeteria

A kid came in with a gun

And though she couldn't see what was going on

She got up and started to run

And for the first time she walked without her cane

Up to where the boy stood, aiming at a girl's head

Threw herself in between the two

Surprised him and he shot her instead


While the boy stood there in disbelief

It was long enough to tackle him down

They rushed to her side, but it was no use

She was already gone when they came around

The other girl was crying 'cause

She just couldn't understand

Why the blind girl gave her life

Instead of letting her die by his hand


She really did save a life

The way she always wanted to

And at last her parents understood

Why she did what she needed to do

And when her friends all heard about her sacrifice

Their hearts began to cry

They gave their lives to the Lord and now

They truly understand why