Home to Never

I can't take this heartbreak anymore

And now it has me on the floor, just crying

This lack of substance I worship, I adore, and I'm trying

To move on, carry on without you

Not thinking, never dreaming about you

But everything reflects your essence

And I tend to slip away

I leave and spend a whole night in Dreamland

My life and heart seem so complete

Vanish it does when I come back

When I come home to never

And just seeing your face, your beautiful eyes

Pull me into an unbreakable trance

While also taking an unbearable chance

That it'll all evaporate when I come back

When I come home to never

Sometimes, I wonder whether reality is my home

Do I belong in my dreams?

I wish I could pack my thoughts away

Auction off the frustration

And move to Dreamland

Live there forever

Though when I slip away

I already live there

But then I am awakened

By the void of reality

The ice, the fire

That lulls me into this hellish routine

This cycle of misery

Until I leave to paradise

And later come back

Come home to never