What is Happy?

What is happy?

Is it a state of mind?

A fabrication of twisted truth?

A reason to go on?

How can you define happy?

In a sentence?

In a paragraph?

With a synonym?

With days and days of thought after which

All you can muster up is


Could it be an emotion?

A calm, collected, hyper state of the heart and soul?

Or maybe it's physical?

Being healthy and alert?

Awake, refreshed?

Perhaps aware?

Informed on what exactly is going on?

Able to make wise choices based off of that information

Which in your eyes is the truth

But could very well be cold, hard lies?

Or is it that feeling that you get

When you're looking into that certain someone's eyes?

Is it that emotion you feel when

All the world seems to be on your side

When really it's only that special person?

Could it be the beating of your heart

In sync with another's?

No, that's not happy

The word "happy" doesn't even begin to do it justice

No, that couldn't be happy

It's something greater than just "happy"

Something more than just that feeling you get

When you're bike riding down the street

Pure sunshine gracing each and every sparkle on the roads

Or that confidence you feel when you get applause

For the greatest concert you've yet to perform

Those feelings are happy

This feeling, this is not happy

This emotion is