In My Dreams

When I feel I can't control anything in this world

You come along and make me laugh

When I can't get up after having fallen to the ground

You come along and make me smile

If I get lost and have trouble finding myself

You show me the way

And I'm so damn sick of it

All of it

My dreams turning to nightmares

I'm so damn tired

Of loosing you in my sleep

I'm so damn annoyed

By the way my alarm clock always wakes me

Right before you tell me what you mean
Right before you tell me how you feel

About me

Not her

For a change

But that's why it's a dream isn't it?
Just a dream when nothing good can come after waking up

Because that's how it always is

You dream; it's the best feeling in the world

You wake up; it's brutal

The warmth lingers from your dream

Then you open your eyes

Fierce reality rushed in

You have no warmth left

It's a blizzard of brutality

And there's nothing you can do to stop it

When I feel so cold I can not move

You wave that jacket in my face

When my stomach protests in hunger

You dangle a carrot right infront of my face

If I get lost and need a hand to guide me

You're there, always by my side

Lending me your hand

Taking me in your arms

Making me feel so beautiful and graceful

In my dreams