It pours like rain...

Falling, falling, falling

All this drama,

Wrapped up in a hurricane

Violently its spinning,

'Til it all comes pouring down

Wake up and smell the roses

But remember the thorns

'Cause they aren't going away

Sure, pull, prick, and snap them

But they just keep coming back

'Cause everything wants revenge

Revenge can come psychologically

Screwin' you over mentally

Or physically, with brutallity

But nothings gonna clear away the scars

Scars, bruises, mental or seen

Always present, always pouring

Pouring down like rain

In the form of a hurricane

Whirling 'round and 'round your brain

Will you break and go insane?

What's insane mean anymore anyways?

It's thrown around so loosely now

Everything loses it's forming meaning with time

Just like every civilization seems to fall

Crash and burn, crash and burn

And what's the point anymore?

Self-expression only turns to "proof"

Shoved in your face,

A way to make you feel the rain, again

You gotta stand tall, stand proud,

Take the blows of the wind,

Wind from people's gapping mouths

Take the stinging of the cold rain,

That feeling of hitting rock bottom,

And remember that sun'll come up later

And then you'll get a rainbow

There's a rainbow after every storm

Each and every reoccuring tempest

That rockets everything you know,

You want to know,

and everything you thrive on.

Live on, my friends, live on!