Today was not anything special. Don't tell me that "Every day is special and you need to treasure it", because some days just aren't so.

My mind drifts as I doodle on my math worksheet. I think about last summer. These are not wistful "oh how I wish it was like that all the time" thoughts. These are the kind where you think about the past and say to yourself "Wow. I really did look dumb with my hair like that" or "Why did I bother doing that?".

Don't get me wrong. Some fun things happened last summer. But then when they were over people talked them down, so it ruined my memories. Not completely, but just enough to make me think of them in a not so pleasant way. While we are on the subject of ruining peoples memories, I shall take a little side note. If you go somewhere and you take two of your three friends with you, don't tell your friend that you left behind. Her mother might call your mother and yell at her. This doesn't do good things for your friendship, your social life, or your summer in general. Just remember that.

My math teacher yells something strange. "Sex!!!" Yeah. That was it. Just so you know this isn't something that usually come up in class. And this isn't anything to do with math. It is his "Jesus Time!" Hallelujah! I think it is, anyway, I wasn't paying attention.

Just so you know, when he screamed this all the guys began to pay attention. Some of them even set their hands in their laps like good little boys. The girls began making disgusted faces and stopped paying attention.

After we factor trinomials, it is time for lunch. Can't you see me skipping with glee? I hope not, because I honestly hate having high school lunch. I have middle school every other day except Thursday. I am in middle school, but I take advanced math, leading to a retarded schedule.

Today was starch and glue day for lunch. Wait, did I say that out loud? I meant that it was pizza day.