Weird Sister's Song

Worthy thane, hail to thee and ere we sing:
Fate smiles and Fate lays down Her shears; Fate laughs,
Triumph won and victory sought and found,
Drunk 'o the wine from mighty Ares' cup.
Headless foe – yet you did not see yourself,
Ambition hidden 'neath uncertainty.
Lady Macbeth plucks the tears from thy cheek,
She who walks upon the funeral pyre
With cruel hand that doth hold said bloodied babe.
Clothed by fire, her serpent tongue secretes venom,
Her eyes thick with what coaxed Eve's deception,
She creates a puppet of foul nature,
Her sharp talons ensnare the strings; you dance,
Shrouded eyes, hypnotized – a trance, a trance.