What does it take for me to get your attention? must i make myself something i am not? or perhaps

just tell you the things you want to hear and shut my mouth to the rest? is it to much to get to know me

as a person, the person i am to be a fact? alone i sit day in and day out and all i ask for i cannot be

granted, all of you take advantage of the things you have not knowing how it can be, the utter

darkness of being alone. no warmth to encircling you at hard times in life, at night when you lie in bed

trying to sleep past the tears clouding your eyes at the thought that no one is there to share your

laughter, cry with you when you are seeing yourself through sad times, share special smiles only meant

for the two of you. so you go on about your daily life and pretend like there is nothing wrong in your

disillusional little world while i continue to try to exist in mine.