People always tell me
How beautiful my sister is
But please tell me I am too
That's my only wish
I can't help it you know
Everything I miss
I wish I could look more
Like my lovely sis

I know she's very skinny
I also know I'm not
I agree, she's more than pretty
She's just plain hot
Her eyes are full of joy
It's not something I've got
Mine are dark and black
I guess they just forgot

All my brothers' friends
Whistle when she walks by
And when I follow her
They just put on a smile
What do you expect?
When you have a body like mine
Fat increasing everywhere
Showing off the signs

All I ever wanted
Was to be just like her
I'll give up everything for that
Even the way we were
Don't tell me I look ok
I want to make you sure
That I can look even better
No matter what I have to endure