Letting You Go

My heart has been broken,

More time then I can count.

But it seems you are the only,

I mean the only one who as hurt me to the core.

I sit here hurting curious about the reasons why,

No one has ever hurt me,

To the point I would rather die.

Then live on in this pain.

It's hard because I can't

Seem to let go.

Whenever I get in this mood, you are there.

Horribly taunting my heartache.

It hurts enough to the point,

Where I know I can't get you back.

So I write to ease my pain,

I write to ease my thoughts.

I can't forget the way

You were that dark night.

Angry and annoyed with me

To the point where you struck me.

The physical pain is not what you hit,

But mentally I was crushed.

You hit me hard enough to warn me

You were never coming back to me.

I could always try my hardest,

But deep down I knew

That you were utterly lost to me.

And that is why the pain stays.

You were my first love,

Nothing will ever change the way I feel.

Forcing myself to believe my own words,

Is the one way I can let you go.