::Hey y'all. This piece is dedicated to my cousin, Ryan Wilsey who just came back from Iraq a few days ago. I didn't know he was there, until he visited us and he had a purple heart. When I asked him how he was hurt, he simply said, 'I didn't hear no bullet.' Please R&R. Jo::

You Never Hear The Shot.

In the war movies you hear a loud, sharp ricochet right before someone gets shot. That's not how it really happens. My second cousin, Ryan Wilsey, just came back from Iraq. He was wounded, shot in the chest. They had skilled surgeons who were able to save him, luckily. He was in Bagdad the day he was shot. He was very anxious to tell the story:

Ryan and a couple of patrol buddies were patrolling the streets of Bagdad in the early morning hours of February 21. The buddies ran into a building upon noticing someone move inside. Ryan stayed outside and watched their backs. A sniper started to position himself across the street from the boys. Ryan's buddies came back out and they continued on their way. The sniper followed. A few moments later, the sniper let a shot out and they took cover. He felt something hit him below his heart. Ryan shot at the sniper. He got him. He looked down and there was blood on the front of his uniform. His buddies ran to his aid.

'What's wrong, Ryan?" they asked.

Ryan looked at them, eyes going glassy and tearful, and said "I didn't hear no bullet."