Eulogy of Tears

Pitter Patter drops of your silent tears

Brittle stars in my endless gaze

I'm slipping


Falling away

Into the resounding taps of your perpetual fear


Shadows dissolve my outstretched hand

As my abandoned hope begins to slowly fade

Night creeps along its hollow horizon

The silent tears are heard by an ocean of stars


Why would you cry? Why lament in darkness?

I suffer from the tainted roses of my heart

Tears feeding liquid burden upon my soul

The cuts etch deeper into my bleeding innocence


How could I forsake the solid hope of love?

I closed my eyes and turned away from a billion eyes staring

I've let go of your rope, the thread of life

Perishing beneath your swollen eyes


Pitter Patter drops of dissolution and sorrow

Nobody hears

Nobody cares

As silent as the moon…