I used to call you friend
dear friend
and you knew most about me
for a time, I let you in
so deep
and shared my heart and mind
I trusted you with this
in my blinding loneliness
thinking that you could confirm
my feelings and make me whole again
Mistake, it was
mistake, I made
and to be honest, I wish now
I had never said any of it to you
never trusted any of it to you
cause you've done the worst even
former friends can do
take my fears and worries
mold them to your words
and kill me slowly with the poison
of your brew
it's a betrayal so unnoticed
and surprised
that to quote
the victim of the ides
would be no hyperbole
the poison is working faster now
with a speeding of the heart
before it panics and slows
into a simple stop
the feelings I keep so deep there
are bursting to the skin,
you are pulling them,
with grasp that holds within
my breath has grown shallow,
as I lay here
cold and close to sleep
I wonder of you and me
and how we once had been
because I remember
I once called you friend
dear friend
I will call you that no more