Simple melody

Elven song.

King of the Fae

Nimble, and strong.

Glides through the night on a leaf of oak

Guided by light,

Into the rhelm of the Faery folk.

Houses hidden deep in the wood

Dare to find them, and if you should

Expereince the Magik of the Faery

Upon your belt an offering you must carry.

To understand the Faery folk,

You must understand how they joke.

Mischevious, devious, few are nice

But think again if not think thrice

Because the rhelm of the Fae is an eerie one indeed

Dont fall into thier traps, my words you must heed.

Do not fall into the hands of a Fae

With algae in its mane and fur of gray

For this mare is nothign but dread

A cloak of water will surround your head.


Red Cap


Banshee "lady of the Fae"

If you return from this other world

Of crystal castles and moon, pearled

You'll find the time thats passed.

Has turned your world into a time in the past.

A/N:: Magik and Fae/ryare spelt that way on purpose...