"Say you won't care"

maybe then I'll forget

let's get this out in the open

it's up in the air

one confession needed

remember memories

keep them fresh

stained like a murder scene

or finger-smudged glass

devastatingly scarlet

reeking of sin

can no one smell the stench

of fresh blood on your fingertips?

Only I can see the evidence

The crimson mistake

Marking your signature

Leaves dance in your wake

Making you seem jovial

Dirt scattered, uprooted

Tell the truth

Reclusive, abusive

Only mere words, insults


One and the same


Waiting for a reaction

No main attraction

Just dreams, sideshows, distractions

Diverse, fake, judgmental

Goodbye, beauty

No bother

No words

"I know you didn't mean it"

because we're through