Confide in no one

Trouble only yourself


No escape

Sinking into the abyss

Of negativity and pessimists

The more I fight

The more deceased I become

Dying from the inside out

A black hole

Sucking in all light

Typical adolescent depression

I'm only one of many

Not one that you linger on

Hermione in nature

Acquaintances many

Friends little

Fuzzy and frizzy

I'm buffered from hurt

Or so I hope

Alas, I'm untrue,

Hurt seeps into my heart

Ha, Romeo!

Passion isn't love

A lesson learned in time

Ever in misery

Highschool immaturity

Puppy love or true?

I remember your look

I never believed you untrue

How false, how naïve

My broken heart believed

To see you hold another

I split like denominations

Scattered like leaves

Blown across the peace

Sweet misery