"Egan…What are you doing…"

"Setting up everything so perfect for you that it'll blow your mind lovely."

"So you're planning on going down on me with a couple of candles about the place?"

Silence. Egan paused in his dragging Simon along the corridor of the empty apartment he shared with his brother (Chrisse was at work – as usual) and turned around. Rose eyes narrowed at the black ones that managed to read him so perfectly. Damn it. Simon knew him far too well; maybe they needed some time apart. But time apart would kill them both, literally and metaphorically. It was now an established fact that Simon got medically ill-er and ill-er the longer he was separated from Egan. Strange, but true.


"Yes, you were. Every time the word blow comes up, it either involves me going down on you, or you going down on me." Simon offered Egan a lopsided grin, and the cowboy felt a little part of him melt. But it was true, all true. He had in fact, planned a bath and candles and lube. Not the most inspired of romantic moments, but the point was, the point was…what was romance with your clothes on?

Egan glanced down at his feet like a small child getting in trouble over spilling something on the carpet. Simon gave. He always did. With a grin he leant over and pushed up the brim of Egan's hat. "Look. Tomorrow, I romance you. Ok? And for now, we can do things your way."

Then Simon snatched Egan's hat off his head, turned around and bolted into the bathroom with a giggle for lots of slippery lovin's.

Egan glowered. It was early morning and Simon had dragged him out early to 'beat the crowds'. Thank god for the big cowboy hat and no mistake. Simon held his lover's hand and turned around, eyeing him as they headed towards the ticket booth.

"Egan give it up. Christ, you were up this early two days ago with an irrepressible hard on that you just needed my help to get rid of. And when I said why don't you jerk off, you're said…"

"But I can't!" Egan interceded. "I can't masturbate! It just doesn't feel any good without you anymore…" And with that the cowboy pulled him real close and nuzzled him, giving him an Eskimo kiss. He smiled that disarming smile. Simon was disarmed, and melted briefly. "Only because you refuse to. Ok, so now we're going to spend the day, together and keep all our clothes –on- alright?" Egan pouted, but was dragged up to the booth.

"Two please…"

"Alright, that's 20 dollars please, and enjoy your day at Nadio Zoo Sirs."

"Hey Egan…" Simon said softly, walking arm and arm with Egan along one of the many long winding paths and his eyes were on the map. "What's your favorite animal?"

Egan grinned; pulling his eyes from the sight of the meandering creatures in the distance in their enclosure and grinned. "Cocks."

Simon paused, glared, rolled up the map and smacked Egan on the nose with it. "I should've seen that one staggering over the horizon. Now answer the question, properly, what's your favorite animal?"



"Ok Ok ok…Dogs. I guess. I really like dogs."

Damn, why didn't he answer it properly, the big grin on Simon's face when he answered that properly was lovely, gorgeous, beautiful, why hadn't he done it properly? Oh, because that little scowl was gorgeous. That was why.

"Great. Lets go see the wild dogs then!"

"They have dogs in Zoos?"

"Well, wild ones, come on…" Simon grabbed Egan's hand and ran through the Zoo like he'd been a thousand times before. And he had, with his grandparents and knew where everything was. They reached the dog enclosure and stood for a good hour and watched them, reading the sign and giving them all little nicknames and personalities. They were even there in time to watch them getting fed, and the way Simon put on little voices for some of the dogs' thoughts – it even encouraged Egan to join in. Then they went and saw the tigers, reading about the breeding program, and then they darted off to see the lions, and Egan marveled at the way the two males reminded him of two guys he worked with occasionally when he was with Tristian.

"I bet they're playing poker when no-one looking, like, the cards are hidden in those manes of theirs or summat…" The cowboy whispered to his lover, one arm about his tailor's waist. Simon giggled delightfully and they watched for a few more moments while the male lions tried to "play cards" and failed. Egan grinned stupidly, and then Simon dragged him off to see the giraffes and all the other plains animal's before lunch – with a plan to eat at the eatery at the top of the safari hill.

They marveled at how the Zebra's stripes made it hard to made it hard for predators to pick out a single Zebra, and Simon smiled insanely as they watched a young wildebeest stumble around after his mum. Egan was beginning to admit that it was possible to spend time together and really enjoy it – without getting naked. But it was hardly romancing, really, was it?

They settled down for lunch. Simon meandered back towards the little bench Egan was lounging at and having a smoke, watching the kids play in the little climbing gym – and the animal's grazing in the distance. His burger and chips in paper was set down before him with a bottle of beer, and Simon sat down with his hotdog. Egan's eyes were drawn to it as Simon began to massage the tomato ketchup out the packet and onto the sausage. The way those slim fingers…Argh. God. No. Behave! He was out…Mmm. The cowboy wriggled and crossed his legs, and concentrated salting his chips.

"Egan, what? You've got that look?" Simon said softly, chewing and swallowing a mouthful, before taking another one. Egan shook his head, and growled. "You had to get a hotdog, didn't you?"

Simon coughed. "What? You're –joking-! I'm biting it gorgeous, would you like me to bite you?"

Egan considered this. As usual, his little gorgeous sex beast was right. "Valid." A grin, tongue flickering over his lips and they got stuck back into their meals and talking nonsense.

"Where would do you want to go next?"

They picked the reptile the house, the snakes, the crocodiles and the lizards. They talked about the way the boa could swallow a man; the way crocodiles kept on growing. Then they ran over to the penguins and watched their parades and the way they slid along on the bellies to splash into the water. They saw the Rhino's and chimps; they watched the gorilla's get their dinners and grimaced as they put away a lot of vegetables.

But despite it all, he couldn't help but well, have that feeling at the back of his mind. The horniness threatening to engulf him. Egan kept picturing those lips that grinned when he saw the pigmy hippo pad about in it's little pool – wrapped around his cock and that head sliding up and down with one of those mischievous giggles that Simon always had when he went down on him. The cowboy groaned inwardly and forced a smile as Simon returned to him through the little crowd that was all set up about the bird enclosure and ready to watch the birds of prey display.

Simon settled down and handed the cowboy the little tub of ice cream he asked for. Egan got stuck in, and then…

Simon's eyes were fixed on the eagle flying around, a slight grin playing on his lips as the bird preformed a few tricks. Egan's eyes were fixed on the fingers that were peeling off the paper from the crudely shaped ice lolly. The way the paper sort of clung and Simon had to use his thumb without thinking to push it away. Slide it down, thumb lifting to lips and being suckled for a moment. Tongue flickered out and gracing the tip of the ice lolly. Lapping at it. Lapping at it hungrily. Ah..Gods. Egan tried not to wriggle, totally enraptured. Lips kissed the top, sucking up the flavour before gently pushing more of the ice-cold shaft past those slender lips. Tongue appearing for a brief moment. Simon shivered, and slid the ice lolly out and met Egan's eyes.

"Amazing, isn't it?" The tailor whispered, Egan amazed that Simon could play it so cool when he was so obviously turned on. Mm. Gods. Damn you – you evil foul seducer. Egan could only nod, blessing and cursing the constricting factors of his leather trousers. Buggers, bollocks. Again he growled inwardly, and was put through another half hour of torment, Simon sucking stubbornly on the lolly stick when it was finished. Bastard. Was doing it on purpose.

Once the display was over he grabbed Simon by the hand and dragged him to the toilets with a growl. "Egan? Egan? What are you doing?" The tailor frowned, wriggling a little in that iron grip as Egan burst through the bathroom doors, glanced around and then pushed his lovely sexy tailor against the wall, pulling him into a deep hungry kiss, hands already pulling the waistband of his pants.

"Egan Ega –" Simon groaned when he was pulled into the kiss, all resistance crumbling away under the waves of heavy lust intermingled with deep rooted love. Hands lifted and curled into Egan's hair, feeling the cold air brush across his crotch, whimpering as he began to tingle all over. The tailor wriggled, trying to at least step away before they were thrown out the Zoo.

"Egan, I, Egan, what if someone walks in?"

Egan's response was a heavy growl, hands sliding down Simon's thighs, lifting him up by the knees and pushing him against the wall. Simon responded by wrapping his legs about his lover's waist, and then felt himself carried off into a cubical, and set on the top of the toilet cistern while Egan kicked the door shut behind them and locked it.

Egan's Inner Sound Track: - Closer, Nine Inch Nails…

"I wanna fuck you like an animal…" He purred, wriggling out his jacket and pulling out the tube of lube he carried with himself in his jacket. Gotta love that jacket. He groaned – leaning down and pulling Simon's trousers down, burying his head down between his lover's legs and licking the hot warm shaft that was becoming harder by the second.

"Simon, Simon, Simon…" The cowboy whispered, listening to the suppressed groans from his gorgeous sexy lover as his lips caressed his own special Popsicle. Mmm. Delicious. Tongue dragged over the mound of the tailor's testicles, before trailing hungry kissing up his navel, nose pushing aside the shirt. Until he could push it up no further and again forced his way into Simon's mouth. The tailor groaned, the sound swallowed as his fingers wriggled their way to Egan's pants.

The name of the game was fast and furious, and Simon was aching. That was the gorgeous thing about them, Egan contemplated as his tailor's skilled hands pushed down his leather attire, finger tips sliding along his length sending out tingling waves that always happened when Simon touched him there. The gorgeous thing about them, was they always wanted it the same at the same time. Egan could tell when Simon wanted it slow and tender, and that made him want it slow and tender. And Simon could tell when he wanted it crazy and wild, and always giggled wonderfully when he leant over and whispered something that would shock anyone who didn't love and know Simon the way he did. Egan bucked into the touch, own fingers clawing at Simon's pants and pushing them further down. Then he turned him around onto his knees, squeezing some of that cold lube where it was needed it so desperately, taking his time to spread it over himself, reveling in the whimpering and the way Simon wriggled as though impaled on the fingers in his rear.

But Egan's self control was non-existent, which was clear, and his fingers were pulled out and his cock replacing it, pushing in with enough force to cause Simon to nearly fall from the toilet he was kneeling on. He fell, one leg finding it's way to the ground and grabbing the toilet roll to keep himself upright. It juddered Egan around and it slammed against his prostate, the clumsy motion causing a loud cry from the both of them. Oh sweet Jesus.

"More, Harder…Oh god yes…" Simon pleaded, Egan lifting one arm to lean against the wall, the other wrapped about his lover's waist, fingers curling around Simon's cock and pulling, stroking it, massaging it. Egan groaned. "Ooh Gods Simon. You're so fucking good. So –fucking- hot."

Their motions moved quickly, every motion so intense, so searing hot and everyone was getting more and more urgent. It built up to a pinnacles of cries that were loud – and both of course were thanking there was no one around to hear else they'd have been in the slammer. Egan's legs were aching, Simon's knees were bruised, but still they pushed at it, desperately writhing around one another to reach that final snap of pleasure, that final explosion.

It was Egan that came first, a hot explosion with one final deep lingering thrust up against Simon's prostate, the tailor snapping himself at that point and coating his stomach, a bit of the wall, and Egan's milking hand with his come. They sagged down together, shivering in the sudden adrenaline aftermath and sat on the cold toilet seat. Simon was, well, stunned for want of a better word, arms around Egan as the two of them fought and panted with each other. Arms around each other.

Egan grinned, squished his lover close and grabbed some toilet paper, and started cleaning off his lover – after licking his hand clean. "Wanna go see the cocks now?" Simon smacked him weakly.

Several hours later they walked out the Zoo – arm in arm, Simon with a giraffe teddy in one arm, Egan with a wild dog teddy in one arm, and the two of them with big grins on their face.

"See? Wasn't that a great, romantic day?" Simon smiled, kissing Egan's cheek as they settled down to wait for the last bus to take them back into the center of down, sipping their own coffee's each.

Egan nodded. "And the sex was great too."

Simon glowered. "…Egan! Today wasn't about the sex! It was about us, being a couple, spending time together, talking, sharing, enjoying each other's company!"

"We talked when we made love, didn't we? You said something about more, and I said something about feeling fucking good…"

"I mean talking with our clothes –on- Egan."

"We did have our clothes on! The only thing that came off was my Jacket!"

"No we were—" Simon trailed off. Egan was right. He glowered, and nudged his lover with his elbow.

"One day Egan Tirstyn Nicholai – I'll show you. I'll show you –goood-."

And then they kissed.