"Not What You Say" By Cassandra Freiborg 3.12.05

Poetry is written,
to escape from this time,
where the public hides their faces,
never leaving any traces.
Emotions are useless,
in todays uncaring world,
try to guess the real me,
look and think you see.
I'm a high school teen,
beyond the reach of the mind,
so paranoid of my own friends,
disturbed at what I'll find.
School work doesn't entrap me,
I don't care about the day,
its all got me dizzy,
not keeping me very busy.
If I don't have something meaningful,
then how do I fit in?
I get lost in the words of songs,
realising I'm not very strong.
I mean, this world is going somewhere,
my guess is close to hell,
but I don't want to be there,
to see it happen with a stare.
My only hope is getting away,
a place where the words flow freely,
some place far away,
a comfortable place to stay.
I'm sick of all the cliches,
the put my in my place,
I don't think that is okay,
because deep down I'm not what you say.

Ugh, not sure I like that one Oh well. Comments?