Now, the End

This is the beginning.
Reach out and help me,
I'm lost.
I cannot find myself,
I'm lost in a picture frame.
Like a lion in winter.

A lost word spoken,
A silent thought broken.
A spiral of emotions,
Spiralling, rotating.
Whirling in a vortex.
All within me.

I'm lost,
Outside sanity,
Without love.
Inside scars,
With fragile glass.
We burn in flames.

Care for me,
this is not the end.
I know I can.
I can change this,
We can change this.

But we're both lost,
Without touch,
We're all frail and delicate.
We break easily.

This is now the end,
Without a hiatus.
They will leave us to die,
Lies, all lies.
We cannot change.

These are our final screams!
Hear them, listen!
This is now the end,
And the end tastes sweet.