Rejoicing Crucifixion

Crucify, Crucify!
The people called
Crucify, Crucify!
To the earth they cried

A crown of thorns
A robe of red
Nailed to the cross
My Jesus bled

The earth did quake
The people shuddered
"It is finished!"
My Savior uttered

The veil was torn
Graves were open
Rocks were split
The saints were woken

To fill a prophecy
His side was pierced
Blood and water
From Him dispersed

Arimathean Joseph
For his body requested
In a rich tomb bury
Pilate consented

In this tomb
My Savior lay
Until the stone
Was rolled away

Rejoice, Rejoice!
For He has risen
Rejoice, Rejoice!
For sin remission

By Sarah Odle and Daniel Burnson

PS Hey Daniel! Do you remember helping me with this. It's not the best poem I've written and the events aren't quite in the exact order, but it was fun. Most everything we did together was fun!