Not even an owl stirs the night,

The only sound is ominous silence,

Not a sight to be seen in pervading darkness,

The sky void of the light from the moon,

Population left solely to shadows,

Barely shone by twinkling stars.

And then the shade hides the stars

from any thought of visibility in the night.

There seemed an overtaking by the shadows

which craves the appearance of the moon,

but still they are ruled by the darkness

obeying the powers of silence.

Why is there nothing but silence?

Why is there so much darkness?

All could be healed by the moon.

And all could be found with the stars.

We should not have to fear the night

and we should not hate the shadows.

But then why do we hide from the shadows?

They are simply adversaries to night,

and not the dangerous enemies of stars.

They are friends to the silence

and family to the darkness,

but they can also be accomplices to the moon.

We do not fear the moon.

The light brings us comfort in the night.

We don't shy away from the stars

because they are not related to the shadows.

They act as music during silence

and fireflies in the darkness.

But it all comes back to the darkness.

There is no end to the feared shadows

nor remedy to the hated silence.

Ultimately there is no comfort in stars

and no care to hope for the moon.

We can not hide from the night.

Eventually though the stars start to pierce the darkness

and the silence fades into the recesses of purely shadows.

Then the moon comes out and then it guides the night.