When It All Comes Back

A lot of things have changed for us
They've all come and gone
The laughter, the joy and love
Where could they be now?
But how come the tears still well up in my eyes?
How come the sorrow? ... the pain, it's still here
Everything has turned into nothingness...
Something I cannot bear

The stars have all gone out
They've all died as well
The soft twinkles, and the glittered light
Where could they have gone?
But how come the moon still shines upon this starless sky?
This darkness... This beautiful night... illuminated by the pale moonlight

Oh, my hope has shattered
... into tiny pieces I can't find
My love, my joy, my life
Where could I have lost them?
But how come I still linger with all the moments gone by?
How come the memories dare not fade?
It's all in the past...

But why is all I ever wonder, about the past and not now?
How come I never cease to move on, and leave all thoughts behind?
Why is it that I live back then, when I should be living now?
That question I can never answer... but someone did instead
Fear, then, is it? But why is that so?

I fear not the death that may come...
But I fear what the future holds
I fear not the love I can find, but the pain it may bring
But why am I afraid? I know I'm not alone
My thoughts... they are unclear
How come... I'm still here?

I cannot comprehend whatever it is I feel
There's a familiar feeling to it, and yet still... so new
This cannot be any harder... no, it cannot be
My life, it's still here... with me
But how come? I know it's gone

My love... it has returned
But again, how can it be?
And here, my joy... my happiness...
You've all come back to me?

But my hope... it remains scattered
Will I be able to find it?
There... in there... some little hope left
But it's too small... tooweak

But... why are these all coming back?
What is it that I've done?
Is this for the better?
Is this all for me?
... Is this how it's even supposed to be?

I do not know...
I will never know.

Who know what the future holds?