Shattered pieces of a broken heart,

Lonely tears falling from your face,

Every time this comes to start,

I can't help but spite the human race.

We built this machine to tell our lies,

Made from the shattered pieces,

It was made to muffle the cries

As mortality rate increases.

We made our weapons to fight a war,

The arrows were made of hate,

Not enough, we needed more,

We crafted bows of fate.

Like a game, we'll run and hide

From all the monsters lurking.

We never knew how much they'd lied,

When they told us the machine was working.

Like an unseen gun,

Waiting in the pitch dark shadows,

A machine that can not run

Is shot with bows and arrows.

A bright blast as the system fails,

Pipes fall and gears crack,

The only sounds are the moaning wails,

Of those taken in the attack.

Your final tear falls to the floor,

In a room not really there,

And there we'll wait for the coming gore.

In the world that'll never care.