Me: This is actually a short story I had to write for an English assignment. I didn't actually put this version in because it was too long. (The maximum was 800 words) I hope you like and please don't hurt me because of the ending.

Here are a couple of things you might not understand.

RAAF- Royal Australian Air Force

Badge/ Crest- symbol of the RAAF. It has a bird (eagle maybe) in the center. Look it up if your unsure of what it looks like.

"Why did you don it, Julian? Why?" tears strained Dana's face as she looked at the man before her, the red hand print still evident on his cheek. Julian's throat constricted at the sight of his angel crying before him and the fact that she was crying over something he'd foolishly done, made him fell worse.

"Well, remember the accident I had over eighteen months ago?" Dana nodded. There was no way in Hell that she'd ever forget that night. The yells of the recovery personnel and the shrieking of metal on metal on metal still haunted her dreams. The malfunction of Julian's landing gear had almost killed the RAAF pilot. His unconscious body had been pulled from the wreckage and hospitalised. Dana had stayed by his side for the whole nine months as he'd recovered.

"Well, I became addicted to pain killers while in hospital and I couldn't shake it when I was released. I pawned things when money was low. I took your badge and gave it to a dealer on the streets as payment". The guilt Julian had felt before was nothing compared to what he felt now.

Dana was stunned. She knew Julian was many things, but a drug addict wasn't one of them.

"I wont ask you to forgive me, I don't deserve it after what I've done" Julian said solemnly, pickling up his jacket off the arm of the lounge and slinging if over his shoulder. He grabbed his ring of keys off the table and left the apartment. He had to get that badge back. It meant so much to Dana.

The winter air bit through Julian's jacket as he walked down the street. Apartment lights were out and only a few people wandered the streets. Teenage prostitutes and questionable characters hid in the shadows between buildings.

"Back again, eh" one of the dealer's cronies said as Julian approached.

"I need to see 'The Boss'" Julian whispered.

"'The Boss' don't wanna see you. Word is he ain't happy with your last payment.

"That's what I've come to discuss" Julian replied. The other man contemplated the pilot for a second before signalling him to follow. They passed through a door that stood near-by and up a flight of stairs. Julian had made his trek so many times that the sight of people passed out on the floor and the stench of vomit barely fazed him

"You know the drill," the crony said leaving Julian outside a door and returning to his post. Julian entered. Silence filled the room.

"Just the man I wanted to see" 'The Boss' said as they shook hands. Julian stood there before the dealer, his palms sweating as he put them back in his pockets.

"There are two things I hate most, Jul. Insufficient payments and rats." The drug dealer led the pilot over to the window. "Now that I think of it, there's a third. You, Jul, because your both." A plank of splintered wood smashed over Julian's head from behind and he crashed to the ground. Stars danced before his eyes and static buzzed in his ears.

Yells filtered up from the lower floors and heavy footsteps followed. Julian faintly registered that he was being lifted into the air.

"You've made a lot of enemies tonight, Julian and one of them is bound to hunt you and that bitch girlfriend down. Your days are numbered now" 'The Boss' whispered dangerously. The door burst open and the dealer dropped Julian as he passed out.

The snowflakes slowly fluttered to the ground, oblivious to the lights of the carnival and the couples below. The narcotic's raid that Julian had participated in over a week ago had gone almost to plan. The RAAF pilot had spent a few nights in hospital and still had a nasty bump on his head while 'The Boss' was serving time behind bars. This little carnival was a celebration.

"Hey, look!" Julian said happily and directed Dana's attention to a stall that sold plastic fairy wings. The young woman laughed as he dragged her over to the establishment. Dana's badge still hadn't been recovered, much to Julian's disappointment, although he was determined to make it up to her.

"I stole your wings, " Julian whispered gently as he clipped the pathetic substitute to her jacket. "And now I'm returning them." Dana smiled and kissed him. She now realised that the badge that she wore on her RAAF uniform meant nothing compared to how she felt about Julian. It was replaceable, he wasn't.

A lone figure sat in one of the chairs on the giant wheel, a sniper rifle positioned in their gloved hands. Unknown to the couple below, the person had trained the scope on the back of Julian's head. The assassin started down the scope and watched as the two kissed. It was a perfect shot. They squeezed the trigger……

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