He says its wrong

It is forbidden

It's a never ending song


Going by what he is told,

Going by the bible of old,

Telling us stuff that need not be told


To him, if God says its wrong it is

But what about us?

The people who go against Gods rule.


He says you must be straight,

And gay is wrong

But I don't care, I'll take chances with fate


For he is only president,

Nothing more to anyone

But why is it wrong?


If he created us, then shouldn't he still love us?

Gay or straight, it doesn't matter

Or at least it shouldn't, why the hell is it such a big fuss?!


You make gays look bad,

We are humans too,

So, you act like being gay is one huge fad.


Well take a hike,

We aren't going to change

We are gay, and proud of it


Nothing you say,

Will make us go away

Any time soon, definitely not today


Why is it wrong? Sent from above.

The truth is, it isn't

Its just those jealous old adults, who can't find love