cause to you darling, i'm just another lyric.

another line. another girl.

to use, then leave behind.

moving forward and moving on.

will you remember in the morning

all the kisses you stole the night before?

do you even care?

this thorn you rammed into my heart

and left to bleed

so long ago, has healed.

but the thorn is still there

pull it out like poison

and while you're there

tear me apart

take out my heart

and feed it to the girls

that swarm around you

like birds.

don't say anything

don't say a word

cause your venomous lies

are like sugar to my ears

i don't care if you don't love me

that's not what i'm looking for

what i want from you is hope

and a reason to wake up

this life is too dreary

and we keep on running

i've seen the ending to our story

and believe me

it's not happy

but the journey is fantastic

take my hand and come with me

i will not desert you

it's not love but it's worth it

and i still hate you.

you still don't believe that

do i even mean it

who cares.

this isn't fact or fiction

it's just a moment

that i've stolen

i'm sorry i'm so selfish

but i hope that these scars

will remind you that

i'm still me, i'm still human

i'm still that weak little girl

that you first met.

But here comes the rain

lets hope it comforts you

like it used to

and tells you that all will be okay

a sweet lullaby

a promise that we made

standing in the rain

that i know you've forgotten

you still taste the same.