Author's note: Somewhat of a drug story.

Girl talking inthe story: Bold

Boy talking in the story: Italics

The party would have

Been just fine, but it wasn't

All because of you

Smooth talker, liar

How much do you want?

I know who sells

Twisting your soft hands

While you spoke the words to


Syllables of death

Shouldn't have listened

Shouldn't have asked to know


But I did, death wish

I wanted to kiss

The person bringing my death

The person I hate

It was dark, I was

Hungry, gullible, naive

Kiss the agony

Something's got to give

But I don't know what it is

My fears cover me

Breathing in the fire

Holding the world in my palm

You can't just leave me

Love makes you crazy

Now I have more to confess

Don't bother, angel…

What if they find out?

I won't tell, you can trust me

Is your promise any good?

Your poison is sweet

Your words are dripping honey

Suffocating me