"Violet is an everyday

color that manages

to catch you

by surprise."

She was there all along, and she always slipped by. She was just another person to some; another name, another face.

She just slipped in, and now her words and actions, her being, occupy my thoughts.

She made me think in a new way. I began to see things in a new light.

She introduced me to new things: sights, sounds, words, flavors, ideas. I wanted these things more and more.

I wanted to be like her, to have her like me.

New feelings came from the ways she changed me. A desire to think, to know, to question, to grow.

Love. I love her, the forbidden ways desire creeps in. The things we can't have.

She isn't an "everyday color", she is the color I want everyday. The color my world is painted.