The steam from the shower floats up around me. I run the bar of soap over my wrinkled palms. The lather runs down my arms. My voice is masked by the rush of water. My words poured down the drain.

Your legs cross under you against the damp porcelain of the toilet. Your words flow free and smooth. Your thin shirt clings to you, highlighting your slim figure.

I wrap myself in the dark green towel and step onto the cream colored bath mat. I rub the towel over my legs and torso, then I lift the towel and rap it around my dripping brown hair. Pulling my legs up to my chin, I sit down and look up into your eyes.

"Violet?" I whisper. You respond by touching your lips to mine. They are soft and warm. The kiss is quick and sweet.

I place my hand on your chest to feel you heartbeat and the steady rise and fall of your breathing. I kiss your collarbone, inhaling the scent of your perfume: lemons and lilac, black roses and poison.

Sharp teeth grip white flesh for an instant. We hold each other close and tight. Scared to let go for fear of losing each other.