It was an early Monday morning at Frank Montello's home, the second to youngest brother of Jack Montello. His wife, Denise, cooked breakfast for him and their 3 sons, while he sat at the table and read a newspaper. After cracking an eggshell at the edge of the pan, she held it and allowed the insides to fall. It sizzled on impact. Frank checked his wristwatch and saw that the time was now 7:47. He shook his head.

"Are you sure they woke up?" he asked his wife.

"Yes, Frank. I'm sure." Denise replied, without looking at her husband.

It was now September. Summer vacation had just ended and the first day back had arrived. Although it was the day that every child and teenager dreaded, their sons wanted to make sure that they looked good.

Frank sighed. Just when he thought that his sons would lock themselves in their rooms for the rest of the day, he heard the jingling of keys and rapid footsteps descending the stairs. His sons were finally ready.

"Here they come," said Denise.

"Bye pops! Bye ma!" they yelled and bolted out the door.

Before Frank and Denise call out and stop them, their sons were already gone. They both gave each other a look then went back to what they were doing.

Frank shook his head and sighed again. "These kids..."

Once outside, the boys took their cars out from the garage and drove off to school while listening to hip hop music. They all attended a private school called, St. Francis, which was located near a bay in Manhattan.

Salvatore, who was usually called by his nickname, Sal, was the oldest among the 3 and the driver of a black Maserati. Sal was a 17-year-old senior that had short brown hair, hard brown eyes, with a fit, slightly large physique and stood at a height of 6'0" tall. He was tough, cautious, reliable and protective, especially with his younger brothers. Although he was a pretty good student that recieved average grades and played the quarterback of the football team, he had a reputation of getting into many fist fights, even if he rarely started any.

The second to oldest was Raul, a 16-year-old junior and the driver of a white BMW. Raul had short brown hair, deep blue eyes, with a fit, medium physique and stood at a height of 5'10". He was a loud, foul-mouthed, smart-alick with a reputation of 'playing' girls in his spare time. On the contrary, when it came to girls he was involved with, like his current girlfriend, Lia Vasquez, he was actually very caring, respectful and loyal to them. And as for academics, Raul recieved average grades but would rather hang out at a club or party than study at home.

Denny, a 14-year-old freshmen, was the youngest of the Montello boys. Since he was too young, even for a driver's permit, he always had to hitch a ride with one of his older brothers; that was, until he was old enough to drive a black Lincoln Navigator, his dream car. Denny had innocent dark brown eyes, short brown hair, with a fit physique that was slightly larger than Raul's but slightly smaller than Sal's and stood at a height of 6'0". He was an immature, fun-loving, person with a great talent in making people laugh and someone who greatly enjoyed playing pranks on everyone. Although his friends and even his own brothers would get laughs out of his pranks, he would sometimes go too far and get in trouble because of them. And just like his brothers, Denny also received good grades, but didn't enjoy staying at home doing homework. Instead, he would rather find a victim to plot his next prank on.

Once they arrived, Sal and Raul parked next to each other in the front parking lot. The boys stepped out of their vehicles and while searching for their friends among the picnic tables, made their way to the front yard of the campus.

Their school campus was spacious and had freshly-cut, green grass on either side of the cement path leading up to the front entrance. There were even a few large trees and brown picnic tables, where students would sometimes eat their lunch on a good day or simply 'hang out' together in groups. Inside the 3-level school building were 40 classrooms, 1 auditorium, 2 gymnasiums, 1 large pool, 1 library and 1 large cafeteria. Meanwhile a football field, baseball field and another large parking lot could be found at the back.

St. Francis was a school where wealthy families sent their children to and was where many talented, athletic and intelligent students had graduated from. Not only were the teachers well-trained and known for being some of the best in the country, but the academic curriculum was excellent as well. And it was because of their flawlessness that their parents decided to send them there as well, whether or not they wanted to.

As the boys continued looking around, one of their friends, an African-American boy named Stan Miller, grabbed their attention by calling out and standing on top of one of the picnic tables.

"Hey guys!" he yelled, "Over here!"

When the boys spotted him, they made their way to the table then greeted each of their friends, Alex Deluca, Rick Santos, Jimmy Castelluci, Billy Francioso and Stan with a handshake. The boys then dumped their backpacks on the grass and settled in with the group.

Alex Deluca was a 16-year-old Italian boy with short, light brown hair, green eyes and stood at a height of 5'11" tall. He was known to be a frequent liar and someone who was desperate to get 'laid'.

Rick Santos was a 17-year-old Hispanic boy with short black hair, dark brown eyes and stood at a height of 5'9" tall. He was the MVP of the school basketball team and also had a reputation of having a short-temper.

Jimmy Castelluci was a 16-year-old Italian boy with spiky, brown hair, hazel eyes and stood at a height of 5'9". He was an average student that partied hard and lived life for the moment.

Billy Francioso was a 14-year-old freshmen, who was also Italian, with dirty blonde hair, dark brown eyes and stood at a height of 5'9" tall. He was as fun-loving as Denny and was known to be his partner in crime.

Stan Miller was a 17-year-old Senior with black hair, a nice fit physique and stood at a height of 6'0" tall. He was a straight-A honor student with a great talent in charming the ladies.

"Yo Alex, how was Miami?" Sal asked, "Meet any females down there?"
"HELL YEAH," he replied, " guys should'a been there...I met this one chick and I swear to God she looked like..."

"Yo'mama..." Raul said, interrupting him.

As the rest of the boys laughed, Alex pouted and flashed Raul the finger. Raul smiled devilishly.

Denny shook his head. "Shit...that's nasty..."

"Yeah man," said Jimmy, "it's like you're checkin' out your motha'..."

"Shut up, man," said Alex, "Nah...she looked like PARIS HILTON."

Stan rolled his eyes. "Bullshit."

"You sayin' you met a Paris Hilton look-alike?" Sal asked and lifted an eyebrow.

Alex nodded. "Yeah...I swear to God...she looked JUST like'er..."

Sal shook his head and gave his brothers a look. They all knew what a liar Alex was. He would say almost anything to make himself look good. Because of that, they nor the rest of their friends could ever really trust him with anything.

"Uh-huh...and I'm a fuckin' monkey's uncle..." said Billy.

The boys chuckled. None of them believed him.

"Anyway..." said Alex, trying to continue his story, "I'm tellin' you...she looked FINE...and no way was I leavin' without gettin' a piece o'that...know what I'm sayin'?"
"Man...quit lyin'." said Denny, "You didn't get shit..."
"Yeah...he prob'ly ran off like a bitch and cried for his mama." said Raul.

The boys chuckled again. Some even made fun of Alex by pretending to cry. Amidst the immature behavior, Billy spotted Raul's girlfriend, Lia, heading towards their table.

"Yo Raul..." he said, "Your girl's here."

All the boys turned around. Excited, Raul didn't even wait for Lia to get to the table; he went over and wrapped his arms tightly around her. Soon after their hug, Raul and Lia shared a passionate, long-waited kiss. Because Lia had spent the entire summer with her family in Massachusetts, they were unable to spend any time together. They kept in touch through phone calls and emails but even that wasn't enough. Raul missed her so much and didn't want to hold back from showing her that he did. And luckily, they were both a safe distance away from his friends. He didn't have to worry about getting teased for being 'mushy'.

"I missed you," Lia said, once their lips parted.

"I did too." Raul said, and stroked her cheek.

Lia Vasquez was a 16-year-old Asian girl with long, black hair, striking dark brown eyes, a slim but fit feminine physique and stood at a height of 5'4" tall. She was a tough, confident and seductive young woman who not only had a reputation of having a foul-mouth like her boyfriend but of also having an 'attitude problem'. And despite their families' dislike of each other, Lia and Raul have been secretly dating for the past 4 years. Their relationship was strong and both had no intention of ending it anytime soon.

"When'd you get back?"
"Last night. I'm so tired...I almost didn't come to school."

"Good thing ya did."

The two smiled at each other and hugged again. Lia snuggled her face in Raul's neck and took in the strong scent of his cologne. NOW she felt at home again.