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chapter 3

Kelly shuddered again as she and Ledorf descended into the club. Why was he being so nice? Even if he was a little drunk, he wouldn't be acting like this. Ledorf was one of the people who always got into fights and got in trouble with the law when he had a few beers in him. Something was up, but Kelly just went along with his behavior for the meantime- until she could figure out what was going on.

11:36 p.m.; Mckay was already on the verge of chaotic- even at this early hour- 36 minutes into opening time. Kelly fought the urge to break from Ledorf's strong grasp and run out to the dance floor and let herself become consumed by the music. Of course, in reality, running away from someone like him was the last thing she had in mind. She wasn't that stupid... Blacklights flooded Mckay- the only lighting in the club besides colorful, flashing dancefloor lights, neon beer signs, and glowsticks occupied by some ravers. This club- formerly known as The Panther- was the only thing that saved Kelly from being taken over by stress; every night, she would get up and dance until late morning, being submerged in the hypnotic pounding of the bass and the trance music.

She was in serious debt- to one man- Ledorf. An unfortunate mishap with the bank- (someone had gone in and stole all of her money and erased her membership there- had left her broke when she met Ledorf. He was the manager of The Panther, and after the subject came up between them, Ledorf offered to bet on a various amount of things, giving her a chance to gain most of her money back.

Unfortunatley, Kelly wasn't sensible enough to think it through- at the word 'money', she took up every oppuortunity he threw at her. This included three horse races, golf, roulette, and, of course, many games of poker- her favorite card game of all. By the time she had bet all of these things, she found that she owed Ledorf 861,889 Euros. Upon seeing this, he abused her, threatening to kill her if she didn't pay whatever bill he sent for the month. Presently jobless, insomniatic, and in a hopeless situation didn't help a bit as Kelly made more and more wagers with others, hoping to hit the jackpot and win to pay Ledorf back and then some.

But now she knew life didn't work that way. It was all she could do to pay rent for each month for her studio apartment. Now manager of Mckay, Ledorf weaved through the people, greeting a few and always keeping a firm grasp on Kelly's shoulder. After a few minutes of dodging club-goers, they finally came to a back room to which he opened the door and rushed inside, slamming it shut. The three strong, muscular men inside jumped at the loud noise, then sighed as they was it was only Ledorf. Cigarrette smoke flooded the room and hung in the air- from the burley men's habits. Kelly tried hard not to cough. Seeing that he had Kelly, they stood and bowed, mocking her as she was shoved forward.

"Men." Ledorf spoke to his companions over the music that came through the walls.

"Yes sir?"

"It's been 5 months. Five. Months. Since our dear lass Kelly Dylan has given us our correct dues."

The tipsy men booed, urging him to go on as Kelly sweated, not knowing their intentions.

"I think it's about time for us to do something about it."

This time, the men cheered and drew their pistols, which were always kept handy among the Irishmen. Kelly gasped and turned to Ledorf: "But.... you just said- I had till' Sunday..."

He leaned down and grinned a sloppy grin, his mouth to her ear. "I know, love. But 'tis so hard to keep promises these days. It's now time to pay for your wagers and quit weighing us down with your little shenanegans."

With that, she was thrust outside through yet another back door into the cold snow that was freshly falling. Her eyes widened with cold fear as the pistol was cocked, and the next thing she knew was that she was on the ground, a bullet in her lung, another in her stomach. She could barley breathe... everything seemed so surreal... it happened so fast... Suddenly, she was being dragged through someone's field.

Unable to move, and being blinded by pain, she was limp as Ledorf dragged her light body about 100 yards to the far edge of the field- to the ditch- and leave her there, his red combat boots tromping the tall crisp grass as he headed back to the club. Moonlight reflected off her face as she felt herself slip into the darkness... she couldn't breathe...

Kelly closed her eyes as the coldness of the snow froze her and her blood flowed out of her body, carrying the last bit of strength she had left...


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